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ng GPS units to keep an eye on their vas▓t properties, with the click of a mouse.Keeping track of a huge cattle station in Australia can mean driving around the property for several hours a▓ day.But for some farmers in Queensland, tech▓nology is now making the task a little easier through the use of satellite imagery.

▓With the help of a Global Positioning System, better known▓ as GPS, this family now knows exactly what types of land exist on their property.They can also us▓e it to track how much feed and water is available to

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their stock at all times.Population: 26,▓400Major areas of distribution: Inner Mongolia and HeilongjiangLanguage: Ewenki and HanThis ethnic minority is distributed across seven banners (counties) in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regi▓on and in Nahe County of Heilongjiang Province, wher▓e they live together with Mongolians, Daurs, Hans and▓ Oroqens.The Ewenki people have no written script but a ▓spoke

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group of the Altai language family. Mongolian is spoken in the pastoral area▓s while the Han lan

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guage is used in agricultural▓ regions. The Ewenki Autonomous Banner, nestled in the ranges of th

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e Greater Hinggan Mountains, is where▓ the Ewenkis live in compact communities. A total of 19,110

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square kilometers in area, it is studded with more than 600 small and big lakes and 11 spri▓ngs. The pastureland here totaling 9,200 square kilom▓eters is watered by the Yimin and four other rivers, all rising in the Greater Hinggan Mountains.Nantunzhen, the seat of the banner government, is a risin▓g city on the grassland

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“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.”

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. A communicatio▓n hub, it is the political, economic and cultural center of the Ewenki Autonomous Ban▓ner.Large numbers of livestock and great quantities of knitting wool, milk, wool-tops and casings

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30 mo▓nths is not exported to So

banner. Some 20-odd of these products are exported. The yellow oxen bred on the grassland have won a name for themselves in Southeast Asian countries. Pelts of a score or so of fur-bearing animals 

are also produced loca

uth Korea.

However, hard-l▓ine civic activi

lly.Reeds are in riot growth and in great abundance along the Huihe River in the ▓banner. Some 35,000 tons are used annual▓ly for making paper. Lying beneath t▓he grassland are rich deposits of coal, i

ron, gold, coppe▓r an

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d rock crystal.HistoryThe forefathers of the Ewenkis had originally been a people who earned their living by fishing, hunting and breeding reindeer in the forests northeast of Lake▓ B

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